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Residential Locksmith Fridley

Your home should be safe from all that is going on outside your door. When you have had a long hard day, the last thing you want to do is worry about whether someone is capable of invading your privacy. If you are unsure about the level of security you have in your home, perhaps you should do something about it. One quick and easy thing to do is to pick up the phone and give us a call at Fridley Locksmith. We offer many residential locksmith services to help people get the security they need. As life goes on, things get old and wear out. There may be some wear and tear in your windows and doors. Chances are that you’ll need some of your security features re-installed or additional security features, added. Let us evaluate the security that you already have in your home to determine where more might be necessary. If our locksmiths discover that you do not need anything, they will also let you know. We are here to serve you. This requires that we always give you an honest report of what we find. Fridley Locksmith is the preferred locksmith service because we are trustworthy and reliable. Call us today for your consultation.

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We offer a wide range of Residential Services at Fridley Locksmith: 

  • Home Safes
  • Lock Changes
  • Gun Safes
  • Home Lockouts
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Re-Key Locks
  • Master Keys
  • High Security Locks
  • Deadbolt Installation
  • And more


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